Hockey ClinicsHockey clinics are how we at Action Innovation develop your game! If you coach a hockey team and feel like your team could use a little bit of extra help, here are what our hockey clinics offer:

  • Help your players develop proper form and skating technique—In order to become a good skater, you have to know how to use your balance, flats and edges effectively. Many players waste energy and skate at less than their optimal speed simply because they never learned how to balance properly on their flats and edges.
  • Customized Development Plans — When we run drills at our hockey clinics, we don’t just run them for the sake of filling time. Rather, we customize the drills we implement to meet the needs of each team we work with and work with the coaches to fit into the team/player development plans. We’ll do the same for you, so your team comes out with a strong foundation for success.
  • Teach your team how to work together— Technical skill development is always a key component to improving as a hockey player. Understanding how to use technical skills in context of team tactics is also helpful. In sport, teamwork is important. At our hockey clinics, we teach your players to use their skills within a team context, enabling them to work together more effectively.

The best part is that when you sign up for one of our hockey clinics, your team doesn’t have to do any extra travelling. Our highly qualified instructors will come right to the rink where your team practices and deliver instruction that benefits each and every one of your players.