Follow These Tips When Choosing Hockey Clinics

When you are getting ready to choose your next round of hockey clinics for yourself or your kids, you may be wondering how to get the most out of these intensive courses. Before you select based on title or type, there are a few things you can do to make sure the hockey clinics you choose are ideal for your goals:

Follow These Tips When Choosing Hockey Clinics

1.   Ask About Skill Level – Even if you are looking at hockey clinics listed as beginner, intermediate, or advanced, asking the hockey coach about the specific skill level for each one can play a role in how you choose. Rather than going with a clinic where your skills surpass what is worked on, you may find that you can up your level for a more rigorous training course.

Hockey Clinics

2.   Focus on Skill Building – When choosing hockey clinics, you do so to build your skills, specifically in the areas that could use some work. If you have multiple areas where you could improve, but aren’t sure which clinic to choose, asking about the types of training and skill building can help you make the best choice.

3.   Preparation is Important – Finally, asking how you can prepare for upcoming hockey clinics may be a key component of enjoyment and success. That could mean running specific drills prior to attending or simply making sure you have the right equipment on day one.

At Action Innovation, we have some exciting hockey clinics coming up for both children and adults. If you want to be sure you choose the right ones for your requirements, contact us today to inquire about what will be best. We look forward to seeing you soon!