Action Innovation Feedback/Testimonials

Our Atom AA girl’s hockey team used Coach Paul’s focus on skating fundamentals for 10 sessions. His attention to detail, energy and passion for the skating fundamentals was evident every time he ran a session. His teaching ability was well received by the girls with steady improvement throughout the year. Paul and his team focused on core skating principles such as balance, agility, control and posture. As the year progressed we witnessed the girls becoming better skaters as they gained confidence by being able to use their inside edges, outside edges and were in better balance. At the end of the day the improvements made by each girls has made them a better skater than they were at the start of the year. – Mark Belton, Head Coach Nepean Wildcats Atom AA 2015-2016

The work I did with you has increased my knowledge of the game immensely and very much added to my enjoyment…….. and of my line mates. – John M.

Coach Paul did a masterful job of breaking down the intricacies of skating for the Nepean Wildcats Atom Competitive Girls Minor hockey team.  I booked Coach Paul for 10 sessions of skating development over the first 3 months of the 2014-15 season in an effort to improve on ice performance and accelerate player develpment  The results were obvious as each athlete has become visibly more comfortable on their edges and developed more efficient and subsequently more powerful strides.   In addition, Paul has also educated the coaching staff by providing them the knowledge to re-inforce these skills and a means to detect and more importantly address any weaknesses. – Mike Garcia, Head Coach Atom Competitive B Nepean Wildcats 2014-15

I really like your program.  you have a very good instructor/student ratio and Your instructors are all great.  I was happy to see my own improvement from each session.  It’s great that you commit to offering this type of course.  Thanks so much. – Allison Dixon

Thanks for an excellent clinic. The content was excellent & the instructors were great. (Skating)
Thanks for an excellent clinic Paul. I feel that I have improved my puck skills. (Puck Skills) – Leo Lapierre

I really appreciate the attention to the fine details and mechanics of skating.  I have done some City of Ottawa power skating courses the last few years, and while challenging in their own way, they don’t take the time to really drill the fine details of the fundamentals.  Today’s class was perfect really, explanation of what we are shooting for, then stepwise drills through it all.  I do feel like my skills are improving. (Skating Fundamentals) – Ian Dobson

I am really enjoying the course, and I do feel that my skating is improving. What I like most about it is that you seem to genuinely care about us all getting better; you take the time to work with us on our weaknesses, and I have never felt as though you were just running drills to fill time – this is a big difference from other classes and clinics I have participated in!! (Skating Fundamentals) – Heather Earle

I keep coming back because I find the workshops very useful. The extra ice time helps me feel more confident in games and my teammates have noticed. The first 3 games back, I won MVP each game. (Skating Fundamentals) – Brigitte Pare

I really enjoy your class!  You are a very good teacher, taking time to explain each movement so we can understand what we are doing (or what we should be doing!).  You and your team are doing a good job! (Skating Fundamentals) – Sophie Quevillon

The course is fantastic. I never played any organized hockey except 1 year when I was under 10, so this detailed instruction and the time to actually do drills has helped both with my own skating and when teaching on the ice during my son’s practices.   The program steps and your on ice team are great, we’re in constant motion as well so no lost time standing around. (Skating Fundamentals) – Ron Ethier

I thank you for another great course. I felt the skills were appropriate and I definitely learned a thing or two. All of the staff you have helping out were great as well. Being on the low end when it comes to skating skills I found all the instructors to be patient and able to point out areas to develop in a way that was encouraging and positive. (Skating Fundamentals) – Chris Watson

I enjoyed the skating course. (Skating Fundamentals) – Gordon Bourgard

I realize the name of the course was “Skating Fundamentals”, and that’s what you stressed. Your extensive hockey and skating background enabled you to optimize the time we had for best results. – Mark Fitzpatrick


Sean Hopkin (Head Coach South End Atom A) collected and sent this feedback following a Puck Handling and Passing group session:

Dave ‘I thought it was a great practice.  He is a very good communicator, understands the why as well as the how and can back it up with his own skill. Even Hanan [Dave’s wife] who is often oblivious to such things commented on how she thought it was a good practice.’


Kurtis ‘Likewise I thought it was great!  Thanks for bringing Paul in.  The intensity seemed to be up.  Not sure if that was due only to Paul, but he definitely has a knack for teaching and getting through to the boys.  Hopefully we can keep it up going forward.’


Andrew ‘I like all aspects of it.  I especially liked the part where a water break is the reward after a hard lap.  He is very experienced at breaking it down into components and knowing when to jump in and make adjustments.  He also used the other coaching assets very well.  I’d like to be better at that individually and collectively.’


Sean  ‘As always a great session Paul.  I liked the message, the drills for the follow up teaching and the intensity to finish things off.  You also gave individual attention to those that needed the extra help.  There is so much for the kids to learn it would be nice to do extra sessions like this all season.  (Money and time get in the way.)  I guess that’s where all the hockey schools come in.’