Hockey Player Development, Ottawa, ON

We are proud to offer individualized hockey player development programs to both associations and teams in the Ottawa, ON area.

Hockey Player DevelopmentCould your hockey team benefit from customised, hands-on training from some of the most elite hockey trainers in the Ottawa, Ontario area? At Action Innovation, we are proud to offer indivdiualised hockey player development programs to both associations and teams. We can cater the program you sign up for to focus on high-efficiency skating, skill development, off-ice fitness, conditioning, or a combination of all of these options.

We Accommodate Groups of All Ages and Levels

Whether the players on your team are just starting to discover the thrills of hockey or are well-seasoned players, we can work with all levels from Novice to Midget. When you sign up for a hockey player development program with Action Innovation, we’ll make sure that the skills we teach are appropriate for each team’s age group, as well as their current abilities.

The off-season is a great time to develop through both cross-training and a sport-specific focus! At Action Innovation, our hockey player development programs are available year-round. We’re also willing to work with your team or association’s schedule.

Invest in Your Entire Team

We make sure that you get the best value possible by helping the coaches that work with your team develop their knowledge alongside your players. Multiple teams and associations can benefit from customizing programs, as we provide discounted rates for programs exceeding 5, 10, and 20 hours.

Want to know more? Contact us at Action Innovation today to receive more information about our best-in-the-business hockey development programs and start the registration process!

At Action Innovation, we offer hockey player development courses to those in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.