Get to Know About a New Variation on Ice Hockey: Fours Hockey

Get to Know About a New Variation on Ice Hockey: Fours Hockey
Brought to you by the International Fours Hockey Association (IFHA), Fours Hockey is an exciting derivative of ice hockey. Fours Hockey (otherwise known as ”Fours”) is thrilling because the specific rule set that transforms standard ice hockey into a game that opens up the ice, increases excitement, and limits stoppages so the action never stops!.

Fours Hockey ELITE tournaments are mainly meant for competitive purposes. But Fours can be adapted to align with other objectives, like fundraising, non-competitive tournaments or athlete development, improving knowledge of angles, playing at speed, and conditioning.

Fours Hockey is perfectly structured for tournament play. Designed to be a fast-paced, quick strike version of ice hockey, the rush and pace of Fours makes it exciting for players and spectators alike.

This form of ice hockey rewards players with strong skills, including quick stick handling, accurate passing, fast and powerful skating, as well as those with high hockey IQ.

Do you want to find out more about Fours Hockey? Opportunities also exist if you are a business interested in investing in or partnering with the IFHA. Visit the Fours Hockey site to learn more.