Hockey Training & Courses, Ottawa, ON

Our hockey training & courses in Ottawa, ON are specifically designed to make you a better player.

Hockey Training & CoursesWe get it – once you have all of your hockey gear on and you step out onto the ice, you don’t want to spend your time practicing drills. Instead, you want to experience the thrill of chasing the puck away from your opponents and flinging it into the net as much as you possibly can. However, without proper skills, you’ll spend less time putting the puck into the net and more time trying to get the puck.

At Action Innovation, our hockey training & courses are specifically designed to make you a better player. We’ve developed fun, action-packed courses to help hockey players develop their skills and understanding of the game. You won’t be bored. Just ask any player who has participated in one of our hockey training & courses and they’ll tell you how much fun it was and how much they benefitted from refining their hockey skills.

We offer hockey training & courses to hockey players in Ottawa, Ontario of all skill levels and ages. For instance, if you’re an adult who can’t get enough of this sport and still wants to become better at the game, our Hockey 101 course may be the one for you. This course focuses on providing a theoretical understanding of positional play and combines classroom time with hands-on training.

By enrolling in one of our hockey training & courses, we know you’ll build confidence, refine your skills, and become a better hockey player overall. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!







At Action Innovation, we offer hockey training & courses to those in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.