Hockey Training & CoursesAt Action Innovation, all of the hockey training & courses we offer are designed to do one thing: make you a better player. To accomplish this objective, our action-packed “Fundamentals” hockey training & courses focus primarily on correct technique:

  • Skating—Have you ever met a great hockey player who couldn’t skate well? Neither have we. We’ll help you learn how to build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses in order to improve your game overall. We’re sure that you’ll agree that improving your skating skills is one of the most important skills you’ll learn in our hockey training & courses.
  • Shooting—Knowing how to perfect your release point and follow through will help you develop control while shooting the puck. Hitting your precise target is a great way to take advantage of scoring chances.
  • Passing—Since hockey is a team sport, you have to know how to pass to your teammates and how to receive a pass from your teammates. We’ll help you develop strong passing and receiving techniques, so you can be more effective.

Our “Fundamentals” hockey training & courses are customized for age and skill levels. Contact us today for more information.