Action Innovation hockey training & courses have been developed based on the benefit of 26+ years of experience working with athletes from minor hockey initiation levels through to Midget and then adults; with competitive teams at junior and university; with male and female athletes; and in the roles of coach, assistant coach, trainer and numerous camps/schools as an instructor.

Hockey Training & Courses at Action Innovation

482035071-Hockey Training & CoursesIt is this experience that was used to develop our standard hockey training & courses, and it is this experience that is used to develop customized plans for our private (1), semi-private (2), small group (3-5) and large group (6+) programs.

Action Innovation works with minor hockey parents, coaches, teams and association executives on a regular basis. We meet with the organizers to understand the target group demographics and objectives. We then develop a program to meet the expectations.

Our service offering also extends into delivering the content. Unlike many other schools, our instructors will share knowledge to help develop the coaches. Our objective is to develop the athletes. This is best done when the coaches understand what to look for and how to correct.

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