The adult hockey market continues to be a main focus for Action Innovation. It is a growing market sector, as many adults choose to engage or re-engage in the game.

Adult Hockey & Skating Programs at Action Innovation

  • 466816627-Hockey & Skating ProgramsAdult women who watched their brothers play the game but never got involved themselves are realizing what great exercise and camaraderie the game offers.
  • First and second generation Canadians who never played as children are choosing to learn the game first-hand.
  • Those who played as children but abandoned the game for some reason are choosing to return to action.

In 2002, it became obvious that the market for adult hockey & skating programs in Ottawa, Ontario was huge, growing and significantly under-serviced in terms of skill development. Action Innovation started with a 6-week skating course in January 2003, followed by a 6-week puck skills course. As word spread, the puck skills course filled up completely, and those who missed the skating course requested skating development.

Since then, Action Innovation has been Ottawa’s premier provider of hockey & skating programs for adult hockey player skill development. While we remain faithful to the fundamentals of skating and puck skill development, we have successfully met clients’ advancing needs by delivering game concept/strategy education through “Hockey 101”.

We’ve created a friendly, non-judgmental environment for clients to develop their skills. Our practices use individual development techniques, and we group players with similar skillsets together when working with partners. Players are challenged within their current skill level with our hockey & skating programs. No one slows anyone else down. Action Innovation’s learning environment is supportive and effective.