Youth Development ProgramsIn our youth development programs at Action Innovation, we ultimately help young players become better at playing the game of hockey. As we help players develop their skills, regardless of which objective we are trying to teach, there are three stages of training that occur in order for the players to take the skill to the next level.

  1. Introduction- During this stage, we present players with a new element in an environment that is stable and predictable. At this point in our youth development programs, players must be able to concentrate on the task being taught and execute it at a primary level. 
  1. Development- As players develop their skills, they do so in conditions which are controlled by our trainers without opponents. Generally, we put players through drills during this part of the training process in order to help them develop the ability to execute each skill, increasing the challenge level as they develop. 
  1. Refinement- While players refine the skill, they will do so in conditions that are first predictable and then less predictable, simulating ‘game-like situations’. Players will be challenged as we introduce opposition while they execute the skill successfully.

As hockey players are introduced to new skills, develop them, and refine them in our youth development programs, they will build confidence in their ability to tackle difficult situations. For more information about our youth development programs, reach out to us today.