At Action Innovation, we built our reputation delivering high-quality skill development instruction through our adult hockey courses in the Ottawa, Ontario area.

We are the Premier Choice for Adult Hockey Courses in Ottawa, ON

Since 2003, we’ve been the premier choice in adult hockey courses because we provide a fun and supportive atmosphere while still challenging our players to improve their skills.Action Innovation’s experienced instructors are trained to communicate with clients (child to senior) to optimize development.

Our adult hockey courses are open to men and women age 18 years and older.The clients typically range from beginner to well-seasoned, and the skill levels vary just as much.This diversity helps to create a positive and supportive atmosphere, and the course structure offers each player the necessary instruction and pace they need to best improve.

We often see clients return to our adult hockey clinics following their ‘beginner’ year to find themselves in an intermediate or advanced group. They are always supportive of the new ‘beginners’, as they know it wasn’t long ago that they took up the greatest game on ice!