iStock_5336358_SMALL_resizedIf you love the game of hockey, you know having the right equipment is essential. You also know that taking good care of equipment is critical to ensuring its proper function.

We were recently impressed with a ProStock Hockey blog article focused on keeping your equipment clean and stench-free.

This recent article on the best ways to achieve a stench-free gear discusses everything from washing your gear to sanitizing regularly and tools to help moms, dads, and players achieve the best results when it comes to keeping out the hockey smell. If you are an avid hockey fan or player, you don’t want to miss this information!

Mold, fungus, viruses and bacteria can thrive in moist environments, so it is important to try and keep your gear clean and dry. While drop services work for some, it’s good to understand how to stay on top of DIY gear hygiene. Not only will you be protecting your health, but that hockey bag odor should be reduced as well.

At Action Innovation, we’re excited when someone else is as passionate about hockey as we are. Check out their article on the best ways to keep your head in the game without the stench. We’ll see you on the ice!