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With some practice, you will now feel more confident with your puck control skills anywhere within your “Band of Control”. As your competency grows, you will be able to move the puck from any one place to any other place within your “Band of Control”. To further develop your puck handling skills and to master your “Area of Control”, work on incorporating your skate blades into your practice regiment. Pull the puck into your feet and “kick” or “redirect” the puck back into your “Band of Control”. The quicker you are able to establish puck control, the quicker you will be able to do what you want with it.

Puck Handling Fundamentals – Area of Control

As a bonus for all your hard work, you will realize that you have also developed the skill of receiving a pass. Receiving a pass is no different than using your puck control skills as the puck enters your “Area of Control”. You may find as passes start arriving with more speed, you need to further improve your puck control skills.
band of control

Stick handling is an art form! Have fun practicing, and soon you will be as impressive as Patrick Kane!