Hockey Player DevelopmentAt Action Innovation, we are proud to offer individualized hockey player development programs to teams and associations. When you sign up for our programs, we customize development plans to meet the needs of your players.

The main reasons why our hockey player development programs are so successful is because they are guided by a few core principles. These include:

  • Doing the right things for players when they hit the appropriate stage in their development
  • Not treating all players the same way and instead implementing a player-centred approach in all of our programs
  • Viewing the development of hockey players as a long-term process
  • Aligning the resources we provide to players with resources for coaches so that coaches know how to properly train their players on and off the ice
  • Helping parents understand what should occur as their child develops their skills and becomes a better overall hockey player

Although all hockey players develop their skills at an individual rate, there is a standard progression that most players follow. For example, players under the age of four generally enter a “discovery” phase where they learn the basics of hockey. By the time players reach the ages of 16 to 17, they can benefit from off-ice strength training, which will help them compete at a higher level.

If you would like to know more about hockey player development and what we have to offer, contact us at Action Innovation. We look forward to hearing from you!