Whether you have been playing hockey for some time or you are just beginning to develop your skills on the ice, having some professional assistance for hockey skills development can go a long way to improving your game. It isn’t just about having a basic understanding of what you need to do – what if you could skate faster, feel more balanced on the ice, and feel that you have a better command of your movements during a game? At Action Innovation, we offer hockey skills development courses for adults who love the game and would like to improve their skills.

Hockey Skills Development in Ottawa, Ontario

  • Power Skating – Power skating isn’t just about how fast you are during a game. It is also your ability to combine agility, balance, and strength during your game, so you have command of movements on the ice. We can assist you in developing more efficient movements that lead to an improved game.
  • Hockey Skills Development – Learning the fundamentals of hockey and skating the right way will help you engage in best practices in every game you play. Our hockey skills development courses are designed to help you address issues, learn better technique, and give practical applications to your time on the ice.
  • Adult Hockey Camps – Whether you play for a competitive team or you are trying to catch your mates in the next pick-up game, our adult hockey camps will help you focus on developing strong skills so you have increased efficiency and more control of your movements. Our instructors utilize drills that challenge your current skating abilities and allow each player to improve at their own pace.

If you are interested in the techniques and skills our hockey skills development courses have to offer at Action Innovation, we will be holding Adult Puck Fundamentals, a 5-week course, from November 18 through December 23, 2016.  Contact us today to learn more about these courses or register here. See you on the ice!