Hockey Skills Development in Ottawa, OntarioIf you love to play hockey, you know how important it is to continuously develop your skills to keep your game at the highest level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, having professional instructors provide guidance for your hockey skill development will give you confidence and keep your skills fresh on the ice. If you are looking for options to improve your hockey fundamentals, we have hockey skill development courses for you at Action Innovation.

  • Puck Fundamentals – We will walk you through the three basic puck fundamentals with drills that build on each other, so you can apply one learned application to another. You will gain competency and confidence as you work your way through combinations on these skills.

·         Skating Fundamentals – Knowing how to navigate on the ice comes down to two basic competencies: mastery of balance and edges. We’ll help you work to improve your skating fundamentals, so your hockey skill development is comprehensive and allows you to refine your skills.

  • Fitness and Conditioning – Having stamina on the ice is translated from the work you put into your fitness and conditioning. We offer group, semi-private and private fitness and conditioning sessions as part of your hockey skill development, so you feel great on and off the ice.

If you feel you or your team would gain from professional instruction for hockey skill development, we have several courses at Action Innovation that may benefit you. Register today for our upcoming Adult Skating Fundamentals 10 week course, January 13 through March 24. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs for improving your hockey skills and give you confidence on the ice. Contact us today to get started!