Hockey Clinics, Gatineau, QC

Our Gatineau, QC hockey clinics are a great way to achieve your goals on the ice.

Hockey Clinics, Gatineau, QCHockey clinics are a great way to get exercise and develop your skills.  When you are a child, we call it practice.  When you are an adult, it is rare that all members of a team get together for skill development, so it is done independently. When a group of individuals get together for one of Action Innovation’s Hockey Clinics, exercise becomes fun again!

At Action Innovation, we believe that our Gatineau, Quebec hockey clinics are a great way to achieve your goals on the ice. No matter your current skill level, whether you’re a talented youth aiming for the professional level or an adult who just wants to enjoy their time on the ice more, our experienced, trained, and talented instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals.

All of our hockey clinics focus on helping each individual develop their skills and learn how to incorporate them into game situations.  In Skating Fundamentals, our clients learn to use balance and edges together with full range of motion to improve their agility and skate efficiently at all times.  In Puck Skills, our clients learn the techniques necessary to effectively control the puck, pass, receive and shoot to score! In Skills Drills, our clients focus on reinforcing puck and skating skills together in a fast-paced environment.

In addition to our group courses, camps, and hockey clinics, we also offer private one-on-one and semi-private (small group) instruction for an intense application of knowledge and skill. Let us at Action Innovation help make your goals a reality today!

At Action Innovation, we offer hockey clinics to those in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.