Our Adult Hockey Training and Courses are Designed for You!
If you didn’t play hockey as a child but you would love to get in the game, you may be thinking that there aren’t any options for adult hockey training and courses. If you haven’t learned the necessary skills early on, then you are just out of luck – right? Wrong! You will be glad to find that at Action Innovation, we are happy to provide comprehensive adult hockey training and courses for men and women age 18 and older, so you can continue to improve your game, no matter your age.

We work to provide a positive and supportive environment with our high-quality skill development instruction. Whether you are looking for adult hockey training and courses to address the fundamentals or perhaps your team wants to work drills so you are more cohesive, we have something for everyone at every stage. Our course structure is designed to give each player the opportunity to learn at their own pace while receiving high-quality instruction.

Hockey & Skating Programs in Ottawa, Ontario

Learning fundamentals and gaining important skills for your time on the ice will give you confidence and improve your game. If you are interested in learning more about our adult hockey training and courses at Action Innovation, contact us to learn more about our registration. We have an upcoming Adult Puck Fundamentals 5-week course March 31 through April 28 that may be exactly what you and your team are looking for. We believe in providing opportunities for people of all ages to improve their skills and gain confidence on the ice. Call or register online today!