Four Areas of Focus When Choosing Hockey Programs for Youth
If you are interested in youth hockey programs that are ideal for your amateur player, then it’s important to know what to look for before signing up for the next session that comes along. It’s true that not all hockey programs are created equally, and knowing what to look for and what questions to ask will go a long way towards telling you if you’ve chosen the right program for your child.

  1. Education – The first area of importance when looking at hockey programs is the education and experience of the coaches. Find out where they went to school, if they played at the university level or professionally, and the length of time they have been providing hockey instruction for youngsters and adults.
  2. Emphasis – Another area of focus when looking at hockey programs is their emphasis. If your child is going to spend more time off the ice at social events instead of honing their playing skills, it may not be the right program for your child or for you. It never hurts to ask the program director this type of question as you investigate your options.
  3. Training – Knowing the level of training your child will receive during a hockey program is another important thing to ask about. Will they receive individual attention, will they be able to train regularly, and will they be able to hone their skills appropriate to their playing level?
  4. Goals – It’s important that your child feels like they have achievable goals they can work towards as part of any hockey program, and inquiring about how your preferred program approaches this aspect of the game may be important. You and your young player should be able to say that they see improvements in their game play at program’s end.

At Action Innovation, we are committed to providing hockey programs that meet the needs of youth, adults, individuals and teams. If you are looking for a hockey skills clinic or multiple hockey programs to attend this year, contact us today to learn more about all that we have to offer.