Hockey 101

Our hockey training & courses in Ottawa, ON include Hockey 101, where you can learn to play, coach, and critique like the pros!

Hockey 101 in Ottawa ONLearn to play like the pros!

Watch your favourite NHL player and see what he does without the puck. How did he know to do that? Did it work out for him? Did he make a good play once he got the puck? How does that play fit within the game and contribute to team strategy?

Before a hockey player skates, passes or shoots, s/he must know what s/he wants to do.  Do you know what your teammate is going to do? Do you know what your teammate expects you to do?  If not, how do you know where to go and what to do?

In Hockey 101 (Action Innovation’s signature hockey training course in Ottawa, ON), we combine on-ice instruction and practical drills with classroom theory to reveal the game of hockey like you’ve never seen it before! Beginning with a high level overview of the game, your hockey training & course instructors will guide the group through a dive into various aspects of the game.  You will learn how to critique the pros, how to evaluate your children’s progress, and you will be empowered to develop and implement strategies within your own team.

This hockey training course is ideal for all levels of adult players who want to improve their game, and for the hockey parent who wants to understand what their children are learning.  It is perfect for minor hockey coaches who want to improve their ability to impart knowledge to their young players and for the enthusiastic fans who want to enjoy their favourite team on a whole new level.

Hockey 101 is that “introductory” hockey course you will wish you had taken years ago!