Skills Drills, Osgoode, ON

One of our hockey clinics is called “Skills Drills” and offers players the opportunity to reinforce their puck and skating skills in a fast-paced practice environment.

Skills Drills in a hockey clinic in Osgoode ONDid you go to the driving range this summer? Have you practiced shooting off your back foot this season?

When you crack the ball to left field and start running to first base, are you thinking about running technique or trying to determine if you can stretch this hit into a double? When you are dribbling the ball up the court, are you thinking about dribbling technique or looking at your opponent’s defence for a weakness?

With our hockey clinics, we want to develop your skills so they become second nature (like running or dribbling), allowing you to focus on strategy rather than execution.  It is therefore essential to practice, using repetition of each movement until the movement can be executed without conscious thought. This is sometimes referred to as “Muscle Memory”.  Even a sport like golf, which, by design, challenges the competitor to execute the same movement repeatedly (and in this case with conscious thought) demands repetitive practice.  Just go to a driving range and watch dedicated golfers work at their craft.

Hockey Skills DrillsAction Innovation understands this and has identified this to be an omission in most adult hockey players’ routines.  Minor hockey schedules balance practice (development) and games, but adult hockey (generally speaking) fails to do this. Most players in the Osgoode, Ontario area would rather play games than use ice time to practice skills; it’s more fun!  Sure, but this is a universal truth: Hockey becomes way more fun when you can execute in games, whatever it is that you want to do.

One of Action Innovation’s hockey clinics, called “Skills Drills”, offers players the opportunity to reinforce their puck and skating skills in a fast-paced practice environment.  It is designed to keep players active with only appropriate rest breaks for the entire ice session. Efficiently run drills will allow participants to enjoy an aspect of hockey that adult recreational players often miss out on . . . so join us for practice! Get those repetitions in, build confidence in your skills, and see how much more fun you can have in both practice and games!

At Action Innovation, we offer hockey skills drills to those in Ottawa, Cumberland, Carleton Place, Osgoode, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.