Why is Action Innovation the best choice for those who want to improve hockey skills?
  • Our basic programs target individual skill development, building upon one another methodically. 
  • We have many years of hockey playing and coaching experience. 
  • We can help our students become more effective hockey players and enhance their enjoyment of the game.  

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Action Innovation

Mike Garcia
Head Coach Atom Competitive B Nepean Wildcats 2014-15

Coach Paul did a masterful job of breaking down the intricacies of skating for the Nepean Wildcats Atom Competitive Girls Minor hockey team. The results were obvious as each athlete has become visibly more comfortable on their edges and developed more efficient and subsequently more powerful strides. Paul has also educated the coaching staff by providing them the knowledge to reinforce these skills and a means to detect and more importantly address any weaknesses.

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Our hockey fundamentals course focuses on high-efficiency skating, puck skill development, off-ice fitness and conditioning, and combinations of these development components. It’s perfect for all skill levels! If you have a loved one who loves hockey, this is the perfect holiday gift!

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